Sennheiser HD201 Headphone Cable Fix

How To Fix Sennheiser HD201 Headphone Cable

If you have broken or damaged cables on your Sennheiser HD201 headphone, you need not go out and buy a new set since this is an easy fix to get them working as new. Learn how to easily fix the Sennheiser HD201 headphone cable

Tools you will need

  1. Soldering iron and solder.
  2. Cutters
  3. Phillips screw driver.
  4. Paper tape.
  5. Multimeter


  1. First you will need to remove the cushions on your headset by simply pulling the cushion from the plastic clips.
  2. Next remove the 4 screws with a Phillips head screw driver and separate the speaker from the head set.
  3. Cut the wire that comes out from the speaker about an inch from the knot.
  4. Now cut the black insulation from the cable to expose the wires inside.
  5. Expose about ¾ inch of the copper wire. You will need to clean the copper strands since they are coated with insulating enamel.
  6. Cut off the damaged or broken part from the cable which is attached to the jack and expose the wires inside.
  7. Expose the copper wires on this cable and clean them of the insulation enamel.
  8. Now re thread the cable with the jack through the head set and tie a knot with about 4 inches of cable at the end.
  9. Now with the multimeter check and see if you have got rid of all the protective enamel and that there is proper electric contact at the ends of the exposed copper wires.
  10. If you do not have a multimeter you can do a live test by connecting the wires in the right order and turning on the music.
  11. Now you can solder the wires from the 2 ends of the cable.
  12. Check and see that you solder the wires corresponding to the colors on the two ends.
  13. Now perform a live test to make sure that the speakers are playing.
  14. Now cut a small piece of paper tape and insert it between the copper wires to insulate them from each other.
  15. Make sure that you have insulated the copper ends and that the wires do not short circuit.
  16. Wrap the wires with another piece of paper tape to ensure that they have extra protection.
  17. Now you can mount the screws back on the speakers and attach them to the head set.
  18. Finally put the cushions back on your head set.

Your head set is now restored back to factory state and you can enjoy your music again.


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