Fix PX22 Headphones

How To Fix Turtle Beach PX22 Headphones With Distorted Sound

If you own a pair of Turtle Beach PX22 headphones and find that you do not get any sound from them or that the sound seems to be distorted, it is usually a case of the PX22 cable going bad on you. You do not need to worry though since this is an easy fix for your Turtle Beach headphone aux cable.

Tools you will need

  1. A Phillips head screw driver
  2. 5 core cable wire with input jack
  3. Soldering iron
  4. Solder

Method to the Fix the PX22 Headphones

  1. First you need to pull out the PX22 cushion from the speaker. This just slides out.
  2. Next you need to take off the 4 screws that hold the speaker to the head set with a Phillips screw driver.
  3. Next you have to pull out the green wire and the bronze wire from the speaker. Just be careful that you pull the bronze wire from the cable since there are 2 bronze wires attached to the speaker.
  4. Next you have to disconnect the other 3 wires which are connected to the circuit board. Make a note of the order of the red, blue and white wires on the circuit board.
  5. Once all the wires are disconnected, you can pull the cable so that it exposes the knot in the wire.
  6. Next undo the knot and pull the cable from the headset housing.
  7. Now you can thread the new cable in the headset.
  8. Pull the cable through and tie a Knot so that it does not slip out of the housing.
  9. Now you can solder the wires back on to the circuit board and the speaker in the order in which you disconnected them.
  10. Now reattach the speaker to the PX22 headset with the 4 screws.
  11. Now you can slide the cushion back on to the speaker.

Your head set should be repaired and you will find it working just like new.


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