How to Repair the AKG 242 Headphone Cable

Owning a pair of AKG K242 headphones gives you a joy when listening to your music. At times you may find that the cord on these headphones has a break and you cannot enjoy your music any more. Having a break in the cord does not mean that you will have to discard your headphones and have to spend more money to replace them. It is a simple task to replace the broken cord and have your headphones working like new again. Here are the steps to be taken to replace the cord on your AKG K242 headphones.

Tools you will need

  • A box cutter
  • A Phillips head screw driver
  • Wire cutters
  • Soldering iron

Steps to change the cord

  1. First you need to remove the metal logo on the side of the headphone where the wire goes into the headphone.
  2. Slide the edge of the box cutter in between the the logo and the plastic of the headphone and gently pry the logo off the headphone.
  3. Now remove the screw that you see under the logo with the Phillips head screw driver.
  4. Next remove the plastic piece under which you will find the wires connected to the head phone.
  5. Now remove the wires from the plastic cavity.
  6. Either cut the wires or use a soldering iron to get them loose.
  7. Now take the new wire and cut off the end that you will solder on to your headphone.
  8. Strip the small wires inside the cable so that you have three separate ends ready to be soldered on to the head phones.
  9. Now with the soldering iron connect the wires to the headphone.
  10. The red wire goes where the old green wire was connected, the green wire goes where the old red wire was connected and the white wire goes where the gold wire was connected.
  11. Once you have soldered the new wire ends to your headphones, put the plastic piece that covers the wires and screw it in place.
  12. Now you can put the logo back on the plastic piece.
  13. Your headphones are now ready and you can listen to your music just kie they were new without any disturbance.

Having your cord damaged on your AKG K242 headphones does not mean that you have to spend more money to replace them. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions above and you can replace the cord and have many more hours of listening pleasure from your headphones.


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